Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Soup and Sandwich night at Kure Beach.

Some folks calls 'em subs, some calls 'em hoagies, some calls 'em blimpies, gatsbys, po'boys, zeppelins, heroes, wedges, or grinders.  I like calling them hoagies.

Pictured above is the selection of meats and cheeses, olive and feta salad, bread, a tomato and a soup that went into our soup and sandwich night.

Debbie first drizzled extra virgin olive oil on the split loaf of French bread and then began the construction with a layer of ham.

Roast beef, salami, turkey followed and then Provolone cheese.

The Provolone was topped with Havarti cheese, which you see Debbie slicing,

It's all wrapped in foil and then placed in a 350 degree oven for about 15 minutes.

After coming out of the oven, the sandwich is slathered in mayonnaise.  No mustard this time.

A layer of sliced tomato is added to the sandwich.

Close the sandwich up, put it on a plate with some Cheetos and add a bowl of soup.

Debbie didn't make the soup.  She bought it at the Veggie Wagon in Carolina Beach.  It's She-Crab.  Asked why it's called She-Crab soup, Debbie said it's only made with female crabs.  I doubted this explanation and looked it up online.

Wikipedia is not clear about the sex of the crabs.  Crab roe (eggs) accounts for the orange color.  Obviously crab roe only comes from the female crab, but the soup also contains crab meat.  The sex of that crab meat is not clearly specified.

Anyway, Debbie didn't much care for the She-Crab soup.  She ate only a small bit and the leftover went into the fridge.  I, however, thought it was pretty darn good.  I cleaned my bowl and then ate the leftover soup the next day

Here's the two desserts we split after the soup and sandwich.  This is a chocolate chip cream cheese bar.  It's not a dessert I would repeat.

This is Tiramisu.  It was the best.  We had leftover desserts which were eaten the next day.

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