Saturday, October 15, 2016


The week is over.  We've packed up and headed back to Rockingham County.  This is our last meal at Kure Beach.

Well, it's almost Kure Beach.  We missed the Arby's in nearby Wilmington.  It must have been pretty well hidden behind the trees that line Highway 421.

This is actually more than an hour from Kure Beach in Warsaw.  We didn't get to eat until after 11:00 AM.

I am a sucker for TV ads.  I had to try Arby's new Pork Belly sandwich.  It's a bun with not particularly thick-cut pork belly.  The pork belly is covered by an unidentified yellow cheese, an unidentified white sauce, and onion rings.

It wasn't bad, but it tasted nothing like the steaming mass of pork that you hear about from voice actor Ving Rhames in the Arby's commercial.  Ving really made me want a Pork Belly Sandwich. 

I don't regret spending $12+ for two Pork Belly sandwiches and two cups of coffee, but I won't go running back to Arby's to get another one.

P.S.  Artby's coffee sucks

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