Thursday, October 13, 2016


Kure Beach.

It looks like a pizza, but it's something else.  It's leftovers, very tasty leftovers. 

Yes, that's a Coney Island Hard Root Beer in the glass.  

It's round like a pizza.  It's sliced like a pizza.  You eat it like a pizza (with your hands, Donald and Richard Moore).  However, it didn't taste like a pizza.

It's something Debbie threw together to clean out the refrigerator.  It's not a pizza.

For a crust Debbie used Naan Bread.  Naan works well as a pizza crust, even though it tastes nothing like pizza crust.  The sauce is Tomato Spice Medley.   Tomato Spice Medley tastes nothing like pizza sauce.  The toppings are mainly leftovers from soup and sandwich night - ham, roast beef, salami, turkey and cheeses.  Giant shrimp from a pasta and shrimp dish went on the top

The whole thing was popped in an oven to warm up everything and crisp the crust.

It was very good.  Debbie works miracles with food.

Note:  If you're interested in trying a hard root beer, Reidsville's Food Lion sells Coney Island.  Yes, it's true, you can buy hard root beer at Reidsville's Food Lion.

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