Saturday, October 8, 2016


It's nothing complicated or special about the recipes, but this may have been the best dinner we ate at Kure Beach.  The idea for it came out of Debbie's head.

At the bottom left is a baked potato with sour cream and butter.  At the upper left is a piece of toasted French bread.  To the right of the bread is Debbie's standard baby tomato and greens salad.  Under the knife are some gigantic shrimp.  On the bottom right is a Feta cheese and olive salad.  In the center is a pan-grilled filet of beef covered in sauteed mushrooms.

My only complaint was there should have some Old Bay seasoning on those shrimp.

They're not pictured, but dessert was bread pudding and a Mille-Feuille. I hope Mille-Feuille impressed you.  It's also called a Napoleon which is a flaky pastry with custard and chocolate.

I don't remember what day it was and for some reason I didn't go and take a photo.  It rained pretty hard for most of the day.  The "pool boy" was called to check the chlorine, pH, etc. in the pool water.  The heavy rainfall forced him to turn a valve to reduce the rising water level.  He turned the valve, assumed everything was good and left.  Unfortunately for the pool boy, he turned the wrong valve.  The pool began filling rather than draining the excess rain water.  Soon the pool overflowed and began to flood the nearby unoccupied condos.  If not for an alert Debbie, there would have been a hell of a mess.  She called the realty company to report the overflow.  Pool boy was called back out to fix his mistake.

The overflowing pool would have made a fine photo to accompany the steak dinner.

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