Saturday, April 27, 2019


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I bet you've never eaten here before.  Pieology is located in Friendly Shopping Center in Greensboro.  We decided to stop while out car shopping.  We didn't buy a car, but we did try Pieology's vegetarian custom pizza.

This placard advised us that Pieology offers three vegetarian "meat" choices.  There's beef meatball, spicy Italian sausage rounds, and diced chicken.  We selected the spicy Italian sausage rounds. 

The sausage rounds, which were really just chunks of faux sausage, tasted reasonably well.  I'm not sure where they got the sausage "rounds" notion.

For toppings Debbie chose mushrooms, spinach, artichokes, black olives, roasted red peppers, feta, and mozzarella cheese in addition to the sausage "rounds"  The whole thing was served on a thin cauliflower crust.

The roasted red peppers overpowered all the other flavors.  I had to find an individual piece of sausage round to taste any sausage flavor.  I guess all the other vegetable flavors were in the taste round-up somewhere.

Debbie seemed to enjoy the pizza.  I was not so impressed, but I did agree to the vegetarian toppings.  I'll have to say the crust tasted like normal pizza crust.  It had no cauliflower flavor at all - not even a cauliflower aftertaste.

I am somewhat suspicious of the cauliflower crust because the waitress served the pizza to us in a cardboard box when Debbie had specifically indicated we were dining-in. We did not want or order take-out.

Debbie's request to remove the cardboard box was not well received by the waitress who delivered it to our table.  The waitress was not happy with being told we were dining-in.  You couldn't miss her smug expression.  She never said a word, but her sour face spoke volumes.  

The poor waitress had to take the pizza 25 feet back to the cook who had to exchange the cardboard box for a round aluminum tray and then bring the pizza back to our table.  It was such a burden. 

There were no utensils and no plates.  You had to eat the pizza with your fingers and off paper napkins.

I read on Google that Pieology is "restructuring" which means they are closing a lot of locations because business ain't what they hoped for.  I can understand that.

You can decide for yourself whether you'd like to try Pieology

We made a stop at the Tajma-Teeter while we were in Friendly.  Some folks call it Harris-Teeter Grocery, but we prefer Tajma-Teeter.  

It is truly impressive.  The place is enormous.  It's the size of the biggest grocery store you've ever been in plus Fresh Market and Whole Foods thrown in.

The photo above will show you what a kick-ass place it is.  Those are live crawfish.  Yes, live crawfish.  You can't see them kicking and squirming in this photo, but I can assure you they are live.

Nothing impresses a Louisiana boy like live crawfish in a North Carolina grocery store.  They are just a pot of boiling water with some spices away from becoming a delicious meal.

Forgive me, but I'm just a dumb country boy.  A grocery store with live crawfish and an Asian Bar definitely impresses me.  Pictured above is side one.

This is side two of the Asian Bar.

Everything in Tajma-Teeter was on this scale of grandeur and opulence.

This is Asian Bar is too much for my weak constitution to bear.

One day I will do special article on Tajma-Teeter.