Thursday, May 10, 2018


You don't often get awakened from an afternoon nap to find a package at your front door.  A Penske rental truck was pulling away from the house as I plodded to the front to investigate the disturbance.

I was expecting a delivery from DeBragga, but not during my nap time  No one should ever be interrupted from an afternoon nap.  A nap is one of the sweetest benefits of retirement

The delivery was a Mothers' Day surprise for the closest thing I have to a mother - my wife, Debbie

I decided to stash the box in the refrigerator.  It did indicate that it was perishable.  

It was three days before Mothers' Day, but I knew Debbie was all booked up for the weekend, as she is almost every weekend.  Friday was Reidsville's Cruise-In.  Saturday was Eden's Oink and Ale.  Sunday was dinner at our daughter's house.  Thursday would have to be our time.

When Debbie opened the frig and revealed the DeBragga box, she asked, "What is it?"  

I said, "Open it and see."


She sliced open the box to discover one of her favorite treats.  Something she often orders in a restaurant (when there is an opportunity) because you certainly can't buy it in a grocery store.

Ignore the Cheerios. They were my breakfast.

DUCK LEG COMFIT already seasoned and cooked.  All you have to do is put them into a 225-degree oven for about 30 minutes to warm them up and then crisp up the skin in a hot pan for a few minutes.  Comfit means cooked in its own fat, in case you were wondering.

The package contained six duck legs.  She fixed them all.

The DeBragga seasoning was garlic, shallots, salt, sugar and 11 secret herbs and spices.

I can't imagine why duck is not available in our grocery stores.  It's much better than chicken and probably doesn't cost that much more to raise.  Such is the peculiarity of living on the dark side of the moon.

Ordering it from DeBragga is damned expensive because they cook it and overnight ship it to just about anywhere in the USA.  The shipping costs almost as much as the duck.

Debbie slips the duck legs into her Wolfgang Puck convection oven for the warming process.  I recommend the Wolfgang Puck oven because it does about everything and does it well, including making toast and warming duck legs.

Here are the duck legs after warming.  They don't look particularly appealing at this stage.

Here four of the six legs have been placed in a skillet for crisping.  They look a lot better after a few minutes in the pan.

Here's the finished product.  That's my plate - two duck legs, a salad with Thousand Island dressing, and roasted baby potatoes.

I usually salt my meats with Richard's Seasoning, but not this time.  I guessed the legs would be good without any added salt.

I was right.

Debbie gave our dinner a thumbs-up and a smile with a mouthful of duck.

Debbie could only eat one leg.  She had a different salad of her own making and the potatoes.

We both enjoyed a glass of California SINFUL GRIN petite syrah from Lidl grocery in Danville.

We had three duck legs leftover.  I was challenged to figure a way to use them.  I'm thinking we should eat them with a salad, baby potatoes, and a petite syrah.


NOTE:  You might want to check out DeBragga.  They actually specialize in beef - including PRIME BEEF.  But, be prepared for sticker shock.  PRIME BEEF ain't cheap.

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