Sunday, July 17, 2016


Debbie is a pretty good cook. Actually she is a great cook. We copies recipes accurately and makes a lot of tasty original dishes.
Occasionally we come across a recipe to try. One was recently posted on Facebook by Misti AndCarmine Graziani. The Grazianis post a lot of good recipes, but they often don't fit within our diet restrictions.
This new recipe is called GARLIC BUTTER SALMON and it fit nicely into our diet. Plus Debbie at least weekly cooks Salmon and Zucchini anyway. All she had to do was add a couple of ingredients and some paper.
Salmon is placed on Zucchini slices and baked with Italian seasoning, lemon, olive oil, and Parmesan cheese. The dish is then baked in parchment paper.
Debbie served it with sweet kale salad, sliced cucumbers, and sliced tomatoes.
The Salmon was very tasty and the Zucchini was great. The Salmon could have used more garlic and more Parmesan, but everything benefits from more garlic and more Parmesan,
I'm told the Zucchini was picked fresh this morning from a local garden, which I suppose explains why it tasted exceptionally good.
The Salmon was good, but I have to say Debbie's normal Salmon preparation is better. Debbie usually says some Magic Words and then adds a little Panko bread crumb to the Salmon before baking. A dash of breading, like garlic and Parmesan, makes everything better.
Anyway that was tonight's dinner. Thanks to Misti and Carmine for the tip. 
A link to the recipe is below:

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