Saturday, August 20, 2016


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It sits on a small hill.  There are some trees blocking the view.  You can't see the parking lot from the street.  A road sign is the only indication of its existence. To say the least, the restaurant atop 2412 Battleground Avenue in Greensboro is a bit obscure.  

MYTHOS GRILL was Debbie's idea.  I was a bit reluctant.  I couldn't imagine eating a dinner of everything wrapped in grape leaves or drinking wine that tastes like Pine-Sol.

I was wrong.  Everything is not wrapped in grape leaves.  They offered a Pine-Sol wine, Kourtaki Retsina, but we didn't drink any alcohol.  I wanted to try the MYTHOS Greek beer, but I didn't.  We stuck with water.

We kicked things off with fried Zucchini sticks and Tzatziki sauce.  That's the Tzatziki sauce in front on the left - the white sauce.  The other on the right is Greek salad dressing.  We had to guess which sauce was which because there was no one to ask.

Debbie kinda wrinkled her nose when I ordered the Zucchini, but she was quickly won over on the first taste.  I feel funny writing about Zucchini, but here I am writing about it and loving the taste.  I guess you could fry anything and I would love it.

Here is my Greek salad.  I'm not sure what makes it a Greek salad.  It was lettuce, tomato, feta cheese, olives, green peppers, cucumbers, and of course the Greek salad dressing.  All the ingredients are fresh and crisp.  The Greek salad dressing was pink and it was slightly sweet and tart at the same time.  That's pretty much it for the salad.

This is Debbie's Authentic Gyro.  According to the menu, it is "three strips of our Gyro, cooked on our special gyro machine" - that's it.  As you can see, it's a bit more than "three strips of our gyro".  It was actually a sandwich made of pita bread stuffed with Gyro meat, lettuce, and some other stuff.  The menu was not of any help and there was no waiter to ask.

This is Debbie's Spanakopita.  There used to be two pieces on her plate, but she nearly demolished one.  Spanakopita is spinach pie.  The crust is pastry.   Debbie was not impressed with the Spanakopita.  She said she makes it better.  It's been some time since Debbie made Spanakopita, so I won't comment on her claim.

This is my Combination Platter.  From left to right is Spanakopita, Chicken Souvlaki , and Gyro.  Souvlaki is a meat on a stick.  In my case, it was chicken.  There are two pieces of pita bread under the Souvlaki and another small cup of Tzatziki for dipping the Souvlaki.

My Spanakopita was cooked several minutes more than Debbie's, but it still tasted fine.  The Souvlaki was a bit dry, but it was good with pita bread and a dab of Tzatziki. 

The Gyro meat could have been made of almost anything.  All I can say with certainty is that it was incredible.  Very, very nicely flavored and very tender.  If we go back, I will order a big pile of Gyro.

Here's Debbie stuffing her pie hole with Spanakopita.  She loves it when I snap photos of her with food in her mouth.

The MYTHOS GRILL team gave us a thumbs-up when they noticed they were being photographed.

Notice the Sanitation Grade on the right side of the photo.  It indicates a score of 97.5.

I point this out because, according to the MYTHOS web site, "At Mythos Grill we are very proud of the fact that we, in our 7 years in business, have not received a health rating score of less than 100"

Although the restaurant appeared really clean. that claim of a seven year perfect score is obviously not true.

Here is a view of the MYTHOS GRILL dinner crowd.  In the restaurant, there were probably twice as many people as you see in the photo.  This was a busy place.  A lot of customers came in to pick up to-go orders.

When we entered MYTHOS we were told to find a seat wherever he could.  We grabbed the first seats near the front door.  

A waiter took our order.  He returned a few minutes later with two cups of sauce, threw them down, and scurried away. No explanation, no nothing.

He returned a little later with the food, threw it down, and ran away.  I don't think we ever saw him again.

After dinner we waited and waited for the bill.  It never came to the table.  We gave up, stepped to the register, and paid what we owed.  Debbie noted the guy running the register seemed to have a good memory.  He knew what we had ordered.

I'm not sure whether the abrupt service is normal for a Greek grill or they were just too busy to be nice.  It was the type of service you might expect at a hamburger or hot dog stand.  Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am! 

The food was good.  The prices were reasonable.  Nobody was mean.  Nobody was nasty.  Just don't expect to be pampered or fussed over.  Ain't nobody got time for dat!

This is the dessert we ordered to-go.  It is two pieces of Baklava.  Debbie said it was too sweet.  I thought it was pretty tasty, although it was missing nuts.  We have ordered Baklava from Amazon and various other restaurants.  Baklava always contains walnuts or pistachios.

Our dinner for two was about $30, including the tip, which was pretty meager.

Next planned outing: Saffron


  1. Good restaurant review....looks very informal - would love some of the items on the menu but not anxious to go there - sounds like they need more staff.....

  2. It was informal. It was mass chaos during the Friday dinner hour. Get the's great!